Book Title
3-Sentence summary
Teacher Initials
1. Bleach vol 1 death and strawberrys and others
tite kubo
In the begining there a teen named ichigo kurasaki he able to see ghosts.The story begun in place named karakura Town where it introduse kurasaki and how he act. Then at night someone named the shinigami or soul reaper came to his room she explain what thing are to him then they heard a sound from downstair then there was a fight.
2. Bleach vol 4 paradise is nowhere
Tite kubo
This part is where kon haves a adventure He's a stuff animal lion. Then Ichigo meet a quincy named uryu. He made a challenge with him.
uryu became friends with ichigo
3.Bleach vol 10 so unlucky we are
Tite kubo
this part we entered the soul soicety. the team got launch in different postion by accident. ichigo fight a bald guy and tell about his captain.
4.Bleach vol 48 God is dead
Tite kubo
gin betray Azien and got the stone and Ichigo fight with Azien with his new form he change his spirit pressure to physical strength. Ichigo use the final getsuga tensho lose all of his soul reaper power talk to hat n claws and collapse. Azien went to the soul soicety jail head captain gets mad Ichigo say good bye to rukia (shigami)
5.Bleach vol 12 Heat of trust
Tite Kubo
One of ichigos friends get defeted by one captain. Tell chad story of meeting Ichigo. Ichigo fight with kanpachi the hardest foe
6.Bleach vol 19 Deathberry Returns
Tite Kubo
Azien be trail of the soul society. rukia is saved. help rukias brother that you can break a law for your family.
7.Natures Children orangutans
Sheila Dalton
This tell facts about Orangutans. It told how they eat and live.Including how the mom is protectdive. They are called person of the forest.
8.Natures Children Crocodiles
Peter Carver
Shows fact of the crocodiles. Includes there seeing and hearing.Explains there special skins. Many crocledile are teratory.
9.Scary Creatures Lizards
Gerand Cheshire
Show what lizard are related to.There life style and how they are born.Include information of the komodo dragon.
10.Sharks Challengers Of The Deep
Mary M. Cerullo
Show there survival in the sea. And show what they eat.Includes reason there are sharks attack.
11.Bone Ghost Circle
Jeff smith
The book begins off with a war. second the volcano exploded destroying the valley. third they meet a old friend from the past while the survivors go somewhere else.
12.Bone Rock Jaw master of the eastern border
Jeff Smith
continue the adventure of Bone. They meet Roque Ja master of the eastern border. Then the rat creatures left.
13. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Barbara Robinson
Herdman are the worst kid in the world. They never heard of Christmas stories. And some how it became the best Christmas pageant ever.
14.Among The Hidden
Margaret Haddix
It is about a child name Luke. Luke is a shadow child or a third child. He was not to be near any windows. Luke say a girl on his vent. Read the book to learn more.
15.The Giver
Lowry Lois
The story is about a place that has it own culture. Many of the things are given at a certain age. A boy was chosen to be the next giver. He meets has to learn many thing. Read the book more.
16.Christmas In the big house Christmas in the quarters
Patricia c. Mckissack
tell the story the past . The Christmas back then when slavery was allowed.Also include some recipes. Show how they did Christmas back then.
17.Bridge To Terabithia
Katherine Paterson
It is a story about a boy that met a girl at school. They both wanted to make a kingdom somewhere where no one can get there. The bridge to terabithia is a swing at the river. They created a small kingdom with wood and some sheets. They pretended and had adventure through the forest. Read the book to see the bad part.
18.Homesteading settling Americas Heartland
Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
It give fact about the olden days. included important events in America.
19.A Book Of Myths
The book is about story of Roman and Greek times. it is a book about stories of fables. My favorite one is the golden fleece. it about a king and queen in a battle that need to get there children safety.If your like Greek stories this is the book for you.
Richard Watkins
This book is about gladiators. They are slaves that are forced to fight each other to death. they are trained in schools or private school. there are many type of gladiator and some unknown. They fight in many type of arenas. This book is great for people who like fights.
21.The Stars And Stripes.
Alfred a. Knopf
The book tells the history of the American flag. It has many frag from the olden days. the American flag is known to have a star in the middle. If you love history this book is for you.
22.Gifted hands
Gregg Lewis
This is the book about Ben Clark life. At the beginning it told about his childhood. At that time there was still racist saying being black is bad. Around his 20s he had to solve his anger problem. He was became a neurosurgeon and had to preform on a human abomination. He saved that thing I cant tell you the rest of the story but you can read the book.

23. phineas Gage A Gruesome but true story about brain science
John Fleischman
The book is about Phineas Gage life. About the accident that happened when he was doing his job.Then he shot with an iron. They say something went wrong but he survived. Many people knew Phineas Gage but they say he was not Phineas Gage when the pipe strike his head it took the part of the brain that made memory turn to long term memory. That is the book summery
24.Maniac Magee

This is what it was about Magee. In the beginning Maniac left his home. Maniac met a girl named Amanda she gave him a book and left.after that he met a boy named John Mcnab he plaied baseball even when he was cheating. he soon saw racist happening when he was walking..Read the book for more information.
25.Arabian Nights Stories
Andrew Lang
This is what Arabian Nights Stories is. It is a story of many to Ali BaBa to Alden. My favorite one is MERCHANT AND THE Genie it tells the story of a genie who was is going to kill the merchant. The book has plentifu of stories.